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DIRECTOR: ILYAS KADUJI                                                      


"Films are very influential. Film makers carry a very big responsibility  and we should make films responsibly".    




In his 20 years in film and entertainment Ilyas has been part of some of the most talented teams that have created many of the biggest blockbusters of all time. He has worked on franchises such as Harry Potter, Tomb Raider, Aliens, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Having developed a good understanding of the film-making process, he has also helped develop visual effects techniques that save time and costs thus bringing high-end Hollywood visual effects capabilities to independent films. Ilyas began his career in computer game development where he worked on major titles including the hugely successful Jurassic Park, and The Italian Job. He then moved into the world of film and television where he worked on TV commercials and hit TV shows such as Dr Who, and The Wrong Door, both of which were BAFTA-nominated in 2009 for Best Visual Effects; Ilyas' team won the BAFTA for their work on Dr Who. Ilyas quickly achieved an excellent reputation and has been involved with some of the most successful films of the past decade. 


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