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WARRIOR is an action packed, character driven tale of heroes and villains, love and hate, war and faith, truth and deceit. The story primarily follows a warrior and a theologian as they try to find their true calling. The lives of two very different people, Catarine and Constantine, who unwittingly fall into a struggle that takes an empire to the verge of collapse. A 1700 year old epic story based on actual events, embellished with a hint of myth, legend and imagination. 




“If you are not prepared to die for your beliefs, then your beliefs are not worth living for”. 




When you become a victim of your own circumstance, will you dare to do what you feel is right? This is the story of how one man and one woman selflessly give their lives to fight for peace, justice and freedom for all people, in a time of severe religious persecution and political treachery at the height of Roman power.



Action – Adventure – Drama



If you aren’t ready to die for your beliefs then your beliefs aren’t worth living for.




Braveheart meets The Passion of The Christ. 


The remarkable story of the 4th century princess and a heroic warrior who took on the might of a currupt Rome and fought for equality and justice for all.                                     


OVERVIEW  Legends and Legacy                    SYNOPSIS  History and Myths                                                                                

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